Support line: 0117 961 2999 Office line: 0117 961 3065
Free phone 24 hr National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000 247
Run in partnership between Women’s Aid & Refuge


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Are you afraid of your partner?

Do you feel safe?

Are you confused, scared or isolated by a

partner, ex-partner or family member?

Are you worried about someone you know?

We have recently started working with men through our A&E work and our parenting programme.

Hospital based support
The project is based within the Accident and Emergency Department at Southmead Hospital. The aim is to work with high risk victims who are not supported by other agencies. People often feel that hospital is a safe environment in which they can disclose information about any abuse they are experiencing. Many people attend A&E with vague symptoms/self-induced overdoses/deliberate self-harm/drug & alcohol misuse/pregnancy related concerns. The underlying reason is quite often domestic abuse, but this is only discovered if medical staff ask the right questions. Forced marriage and honour based violence cases are often identified by hospital staff also.
Parenting Support Service
Have you or your children experienced domestic abuse? Would you like some support in how to parent after this?

At Survive, we understand that parenting during and after domestic abuse can be very difficult at times. The Parenting Support Service offers you a safe and confidential 1:1 space to work through any issues or worries that you may be experiencing. The Parenting Support Worker works alongside you to build upon your skills, so that you are able to feel more positive about your parenting.

We also run Parenting Workshops for women and men – these are both in the evening and in the daytime (crèche provided for daytime sessions). Areas we cover in the workshops:
• Recognising skills and strengths – what is working already
• Understanding how domestic abuse can affect children
• Talking to your child about their experiences
• Identifying support networks
• Managing conflict and difficult situations (including contact)

Come along and share your parenting experiences with other parents and receive more information on how to parent children who have lived through domestic violence and abuse.

Please contact Helen for more information on 0117 961 3065.

See our News page for details of the latest dates.
Male support agencies
There are specific support agencies for men. Please contact:


The ManKind Initiative is a national charity that provides help and support for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence.

01823 334244

The Men's Advice Line

Offers advice and support for men in abusive relationships, both those experiencing violence and abuse from partners, and concerned about their own violence.

0808 801 0327

Case Study

  • I was 20 when I first met my abusive partner.  There was bullying and violence from the beginning of the relationship, but it was only after I left that I actually realised how bad it was. He stopped me from going out, turned my friends against me, threw things at me and on several occasions, threatened me with a knife. On one occasion my partner actually stabbed me in the leg and I had to go to hospital to have stitches. At the hospital, when asked what happened, I said that a stranger stabbed me. We had a son together, which was one of the reasons why I stayed, and although he didn’t hit him, my son knew from a very young age that his father was violent towards me. I stayed with my partner for seven years, and eventually found myself turning to drink to block out the sense of isolation and anger that I felt. I went to stay with my grandmother, and she contacted Women’s Aid, who found me a place in a refuge. First of all, I was scared to go, but realised if I didn’t get out one day he would kill me. Life at the refuge with my son was so much better than I first thought it would – not only did they help me to feel safe for the first time in so many years, but they also put me in touch with an alcohol counselor who helped me to control my drinking. I stayed in the refuge for seven months and now live with my son in a flat in a different town, and we’ve started again. It hasn’t been easy, but moving away has probably saved my life. I have become so much closer to my son in the last few months and feel that finally we have the new beginning we’ve needed for so long.

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